The 8th National Sports Forum for Heads of National Sports Associations/Federations has virtually convened today. The Forum is chaired by the Minister of state for Sports, Honorable Denis Hamson Obua as stipulated in Article 17 of the National Council of Sports Statutory Instrument No.38 to convene the participatory meeting at least once every three months with National Sports Associations/Federations.

The 8th Forum focused on briefing members on the ongoing review of the NCS Statutory Instrument No. 38 of 2014, the Draft NCS Funding Guidelines for National Sports Federations/ Associations and progress on Draft National Physical Education and Sports Policy.

Mr. Paul Okiring from the Office of the Solicitor General made a brief on the NCS Statutory Instrument No. 38 of 2014 that is in its final stage of development. The Instrument will under Article 15 (A) anchor the NCS Funding Guidelines and stakeholder consultations shall be organised to contribute to the policies.

On the progress of the Draft National Physical Education and Sports Policy, the Policy Analysis Unit under Ministry of Education and Sports shall equally embark on consultation of the stakeholders on the Draft Policy which once adopted, will give rise to the repeal or amendment of the NCS Act of 1964.

The Minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Janet Museveni conveyed her remarks through Hon. Obua with a call to uphold stability, ensure proper planning, transparency and accountability in the sports sector.

In his closing remarks, Hon. Denis Obua appealed to Heads of National Sports to have discipline within their respective Sports Federations and in athletes in order to build a reputable brand for the Sport sector.

‘Going forward, the next three months will be action packed with the finalisation of the policies. National Sports Associations/Federations are thus required to respect and comply with the sports regulations once adopted.’ Hon. Denis Obua.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021