How can I form/institute a National Sports Association?

The 2014 Statutory Instruments No. 38 provides a legal framework for the incorporation of a National Sports Association/ Federation. As such, institution of National sports association/federations should be in accordance with the laws of Uganda.

Incorporation of national sports associations

A “national sports association” means an organization promoting and supervising a particular sport throughout the country and includes a federation or association.

For the purposes of sub regulation (2) of the Statutory Instrument No.38, NCS shall, in determining whether a national association is present throughout the country, take into account—

(a) the nature of the sport;

(b) the popularity of the sport;

(c) the presence of facilities to play the sport;

(d) the plan of the association to

Registration of national sports associations.

(1) Every national sports association shall be registered with NCS

(2) NCS shall not register a national sports association unless that association meets the requirements of a national sports association specified in Statutory Instruments N0.38

3. Only one national sports association can be registered in respect of each sport in Uganda

(4) NCS shall not register a national association which is incorporated as a company.

(5) An application to register a national sports association shall be in Form A.


Governance structure.

(1) Every national sports association shall have

(a) a general assembly;

(b) an executive committee;

(c) a chairperson or president; and

(d) a general secretary or secretary.


(2) A national association affiliated or recognized by an international body governing a particular sport may in accordance with the rules prescribed by that body have a different governance structure from the one specified in the regulation.

(3) Every person involved in the governance of a national association shall be elected or appointed in accordance with the instruments constituting the association or in accordance with the international rules governing the sport.

(4) For the purposes of this regulation and regulation 7, a person involved in the governance of a national association means a member of the general assembly or executive committee, the chairpersons or president, the general secretary or secretary of the association.


(c) Hold regular meetings and assemblies according to set regulations

(d) Must have the requisite administrative organs (Executive Committee,Technical Officer(s), Sub-Committees and a General Assembly etc)

(e) Must hold a valid NCS Certificate of Recognition which is a merit of compliance.


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