NCS hopes to reward national sports federations/associations with certificates of good performance every year.

The Acting General Secretary of the supreme sports’ governing body in Uganda Dr. Patrick Ogwel has said that the plan is meant to encourage the different sports federations/associations to implement their respective calendars and also learn from each other.

After performance evaluation programmes, NCS has learnt that many associations and federations that develop impressive annual calendar activities, do not actually implement them or implement them partially.

The evaluation exercise which involved among other activities visiting offices where federations/associations are housed, has also revealed that some individuals still run sports disciplines as personal businesses.

Dr. Ogwel noted that the Annual Recognition Awards will depend on achievements of an association/federation locally and internationally for a year the sports calendar ended.

NCS has often facilitated different successful national teams to international competitions and welcome the teams back to the country in big way.

The latest has been with the national men’s cricket team that came back from Malaysia early this week.

The team was crowned ICC World Cricket League Division Four champions in Malaysia. The victory also meant that Uganda secured promotion to the ICC World Cricket League Division Three status.

Dr. Ogwel congratulated the Uganda Cricket Association for the achievement and reminded all the associations/federations that have complied with the government statute that, NCS is watching all their performances to evaluate their achievements at the end of the year.

Dr. Ogwel encouraged the legally recognized sports bodies to embark on strategic development planning in order to achieve and revamps the sports industry in Uganda. He however, noted that it requires team work involving government and the private sector.

Acting General Secretary Patrick Ogwel
Friday, May 11, 2018