In accordance to the National Sports Act 2023, Section 32(2), the Minister of Education and Sports has appointed a new Council/Board to serve for the period 2024 to 2028:

i). Mr. Ambrose Tashobya - Chairperson
ii). Ms. Jacqueline Basemera - Member
iii). Ms Cecilia Anyakoit - Member
iv) Ms. Gloria Evelyn Piloya - Member
v) Mr. Zubair Galiwango - Member
vi) Mr. Moses Omara Anyii - Member
vii) Mr. Stephen Kiprotich - Member
viii) Dr. Patrick Ogwel - Ex-Official/General Secretary

The inauguration and swearing in ceremony was held at National Council of Sports Headquarters at Lugogo and was presided over by Hon. Peter Ogwang, Minister of State for Education and Sports (Sports).

The minister urged the Board to embark on creating a strong basis for better governance, administration and management of sports in the country. ‘I urge you to implement the new National Sports Act, 2023, in totality.’ ‘Take interest in issues of accountability of public funds and prioritize funding for athletes.’ 'Your appointment to this Council is premised on the conviction that you will bring on board new developmental ideas drawn from your various experience to enhance multi-sectoral development of all sports in Uganda.' ‘I also urge you to strengthen the amended policies and strategies that will turn around the sports sub sector in Uganda. Success in sports is about teamwork and I expect you to work as a team. We shall need the collective input by each of you to push NCS in the right direction to deliver sports in Uganda.’

The newly appointed Chairperson, Mr. Tashobya pledged to work closely with all sports stakeholders to execute the NCS Mandate, with implementation of the National Sports Act, 2023 and infrastructural development topping their agenda.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024