How can I book to use sports facilities at NCS?

a) National Sports Associations/Federations (N/As)

N/As shall access sports facilities owned or managed by the NCS in accordance with a schedule drawn up by NCS. As such, N/As on wishing to use any of the Sports facilities at NCS should formally write to request for use of the facility, clearly stating the event (As per respective N/A Activity Calendar) and intended duration of use.

NCS shall thereafter revert back to the N/A with the availability of the sports facility and NCS may charge a nominal fee for use of the sports facility, mainly for maintenance purposes

The N/A is required to provide security, medical support and hygiene while using the facilities.

b) Private users

Private Users may also access the sports facilities by formally writing to NCS or sending an email to to request for the use of the Sports Facilities. NCS shall thereafter revert back with availability of the facility on the requested for date and the cost implication.

Confirmation of booking for private users shall be upon payment of 50% of the agreed cost plus other agreed upon Terms and Conditions.

For more information, email: